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As I sit here and go over some of the experiences I have had over the last thirty plus years in the Kitchen and Bath industry, some things stand out and I would like to share some of them with you. Please indulge me with my ramblings

Many times a client sits down and they are asked what color stone or quartz they are looking for, inevitably they respond with the color of cabinets, walls, flooring and tile but not the color of tops they are looking for. Now I am here to help the client put things together and I rather enjoy it, kind of explains why I’ve been doing it this long. I guess I am just amazed that they have picked 3-5 items, made a commitment of sorts by purchasing these items and then get worried that they can’t pick the right tops. I say have confidence in yourself, what is going to make you smile when you walk into that room? I’ll be happy to show you any number of things in a particular hue but first and foremost it must make you feel that you are in YOUR home. Try different colors together, there isn’t a wrong answer if it delights you. Remember to just have a bit of fun with it and not to worry if it’s not your sister-in-law’s or friend’s favorite choice. Enjoy the process of creating that special look that makes it your home!

Until next time, be well.

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2890 S Us Highway 1792 Casselberry Florida 32707

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