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Kitchen Renovation - Granite Counter top

Cabinets Collection - Limited Lifetime Warranty


HIGHLAND (PRIME) SERIES DOOR STYLES & SPECIFICATIONS (*Specications subject to change without notice)

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CASCADE (PROFESSIONAL) SERIES DOOR STYLES & SPECIFICATIONS (*Specications subject to change without notice)

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  1. Do any of the cabinets contain any particleboard? Our cabinet boxes are constructed using solid Birch hardwoods and furniture grade plywood. There is no particleboard contained in our cabinetry box. Our plywood is also CARB2 compliant for standard US restrictions formaldehyde emissions. Painted doors will utilize high quality HDF for longer life and to reduce the cracking that normally happens with hardwood joints overtime.

  2. Are the doors solid wood? All stained nished doors, drawer fronts and frames are constructed from 3/4" solid Birch hardwood. The styles that feature solid wood center panels are: Charleston Saddle, and Shaker Espresso. York Chocolate and Sonoma Mocha contain a veneered HDF center panel. Our painted styles feature an all HDF door: Shaker White, Shaker Grey, Shaker Dove, Shaker Antique White, Sonoma White, Charleston Antique White and York Antique White. (*Spec's subject to change without notice).

  3. How are your drawers constructed? Our cabinetry features 4-sided drawer boxes constructed from 5/8" thick solid hardwood featuring dovetail joints and a fully captured, 3/8" thick plywood door.

  4. How is the interior of the cabinet finished? Our cabinetry comes standard with UV coated natural interiors. Glass door “GD” cabinets have interiors that are painted or stained to match the exterior.

  5. Are your products CARB2 certified? Yes, all US Cabinet Depot products are 100% in compliance with CARB Phase 1 & CARB Phase 2 dened guidelines of composite wood products.

  6. Are these cabinets strong enough to support a granite top? Our "all-plywood" construction ensures the strength required to support granite, concrete or any other countertop material that you may select. No additional cabinet reinforcement is required.

  7. Do your cabinets have "soft close" doors? A soft close door feature is standard on all cabinet styles except for the Cascade Series.

  8. Do I need a nished panel for the exposed cabinet ends? No, All of our products come with finished exteriors.

  9. How much weight can your drawers hold? Our drawers have a weight capacity of 70 lbs.

Cabinets Collection
- 5 year Limited Warranty on Designer Collection


Cabinets Collection
- 5 year Limited Warranty 

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