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Your New Kitchen Countertops

Save and Buy Factory Direct Prices                           Quality Stones & Top Craftsmanship
Fast Turn Around                                                                    Warranty On All our Jobs 

KRONER Showroom is one of the largest showroom in the area. Our team is always concern to bring the latest and trendiest colors in kitchen & bath countertops. We have over 400 colors of Quartz to choose from, and over 50 options of granite, marble and quartzite. Our clients are able to see and touch your new tops. We will guide you through out our selection and answer any questions. Our team will make sure the experience is fun and smooth. 


Experienced Consultants

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right stone and accessories for your project. Please feel free to bring in anything that might assist you in matching your stone to other elements of your interior design.

More than 30 years of experience, from our family to yours.

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Maximum technology

Omni Cubed - Seam Setter

By far the best tool on the market for getting perfect seams and level panels, no question."SEAMLESS" seam setter is one of the highest quality seam setters on the market today.

Laser Digital Template - 2023

The High Precision comes from this amazing tool, the use of tapes or paperboards, plastic strips, are no longer of use on this process.

CNC - 5axes - 2023 Machine Granite Cutting

We are always concern on providing the best and latest technology to our clients. Our machine is the star behind the ability to provide all the beautiful lamination cuts, waterfall legs, sink cutouts, etc. The high Production Capacity CNC Machine make our Team of Stone Fabricators the Best and Highest Quality Work in the Industry.

Find the perfect material match for your lifestyle at We proudly offer as extensive library of over 400 colors of stone. Materials are available in your local fabrication shops.

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Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world and the only stone harder than steel that isn’t precious. The nonporous surface of granite and extreme durability have made it a popular stone throughout history for sculptures, memorials and buildings. Utilized for its rigidity, granite has been used extensively as a base for many optical devices, in addition to being a popular building material. All of its uses have made it one of the most popular stones in the world.


Marble is a type of limestone that is formed by subjecting the stone to a great amount of pressure over a very long period of time, much like a diamond. What makes marble special is the myriad of color combinations and varying patterns. White marble is the product of pure limestone or dolomite under pressure over time. The way marble acquires the characteristic swirls and veins is through various mineral impurities that were originally present in the limestone layers. Minerals such as clay, silt, sand, iron oxide and magnesium will appear as different colors in the finished marble product.

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Quartzite is one of the most beautiful stone materials you can use for your kitchen countertops. It is a fantastic natural stone that offers great benefits to homeowners in terms of durability and style. Natural quartzite is formed as a result of sandstone with high quartz content being exposed to high amounts of heat or pressure. One fun quartzite fact is that it contains at least 90 percent quartz. While quartzite is a natural stone and contains naturally found quartz, remember that quartz used in construction is engineered and has different care instructions. Quartzite is mined throughout the world, with Brazilian quartzite being particularly well-loved. Brazilian quartzite countertops will definitely stand out.


Quartz is a manmade material with quartz and of epoxies, fillers, and color. Quartz is stain resistant and not porous so you will not need to be sealed. Quartz has many different colors, now even colors that look like marble, so if you are looking for modern look quartz is the material for you. Quartz sizes are 120”x55” but some companies carry jumbo sizes which are a little bigger in size. There are so many quartz companies out there today and each one has different colors and variations so you will find what you are looking for. Every brand has different percentage of quartz inside their product, the higher the percentage the stronger the material is. Some famous brands use up to 96% real quartz and only 4% of epoxies, fillers and color. 

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Get Your Countertop Estimate Today!

Start planning your project with confidence today by preparing an online estimate for your job. Our free, easy-to-use Countertop Estimator will allow you to accurately calculate a project’s cost to help you keep within your budget.


The right Balance of quality, cost & value

Father and Daughter Cooking

A Kitchen Remodeling process is a major decision, shaping the heart of your home for years ahead. It's essential to team up with seasoned professionals who understand your vision and needs.

We're deeply committed to guiding your journey, recognizing the importance of every choice you make. Our mission is to help you discover the perfect blend of premium materials that not only elevate your kitchen's functionality and style but also respect your budget.

In this collaboration, we take immense pride in sharing our expertise, ensuring your kitchen remodel not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Your home is your sanctuary, and we're dedicated to crafting a space you'll cherish for generations to come.


Modern Kitchen


For All Major Home Appliances

Our 15 day kitchen program is a great option for homeowners who aren't planning to move walls or change the footprint of their kitchens. A 15 day kitchen remodel can include removal & replacing of the following: 

                   Cabinets                                                       Countertops                                                                  Sinks & Faucets

Book a Consultation with our Team, we can provide a Free 3D Layout of your new project.

We offer a Wide variety of Options to Choose From. 


Pick our Location Nearest to You

Casselberry Location 

2890 S Us Hwy 1792 Casselberry FL 32707


Going East on I4: take exit 94, turn right onto 434 keep straight turn right on Us Hwy 1792 keep going straight until the second light we are on your right hand side of the road. Right next to a restaurant called cuban sandwich.

Over 400 colors to Choose From come Meet our Team of Designers.


Office: (407) 260-5005



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday Closed.

Sunday Closed.  


We speak English/Spanish/Portuguese

Orlando Location 

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2525 Clarcona Rd Apopka FL 32703


Going on 414 exit 9 on the right, turn left on the first light, and left again on the second light. We are on the left side of the road a 20,000 sqft Warehouse, come meet our team and our fabrication shop. 


Office: (407) 703-3442



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday Closed.

Sunday Closed.  


We speak English/Spanish/Portuguese

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